About Kaleidoscope

Photo from a Kaleidoscope professional development meeting

The Kaleidoscope Collective for Learning is a cohort-based approach to spreading Deeper Learning throughout the Commonwealth.

Kaleidoscope has two primary means of influencing student achievement.

First, we partner with schools through a cohort model to:

  1. listen to the school community to customize professional learning;
  2. launch PD with a small group of teachers and an instructional leader to do things like build an instructional vision, design Deeper Learning tasks, and establish conditions to support Deeper Learning; and
  3. sustain the work by planning to scale it up in future years.

Kaleidoscope pairs convenings for participating schools with ongoing support for instructional leaders.

Second, we provide a toolkit of exemplar tasks and professional learning modules for teachers and leaders. Based on our work with our initial cohorts, we will develop a broader, open-source toolkit for the field.

Other Kaleidoscope Collective for Learning projects include proposing policy and practices to promote Deeper Learning in schools. This includes work on possible new forms for the fifth and eighth grade science MCAS. We are also working to accelerate accurate and widespread discussion of Deeper Learning, including the soon-to-be launched Deeper Learning Ambassador Fellowship for teachers.