"When students go deep in their learning, they turn every challenge into an opportunity to shine."

-Josue A., Massachusetts Public School Student

Welcome to the Kaleidoscope Collective for Learning Cohort Hub! 

What is the Kaleidoscope Collective for Learning? 

Kaleidoscope builds partnerships with educators through professional development, one-on-one coaching, guidance, tools, and resources -- all built on a foundation of equity. With Kaleidoscope, educators and leaders examine their existing curriculum, systems, and structures to find ways to adjust and improve what they already have so that their schools can engage in Deeper Learning. Learn more on our DESE website

What is Deeper Learning?

Deeper Learning is grade-level work that is relevant, real-world, and interactive; it is the belief in the infinite capacity and inner genius of ALL students. Learn more on our DESE website

Want to attend a Deeper Learning Professional Development session?

Stay up to date on all of Kaleidoscope's PD events on our DESE website

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